Daily Routine

Our daily routine is carefully planned and constantly reviewed. At Ladybirds, our objective is to provide an environment where the children can;
  • Develop their confidence
  • Challenge themselves
  • Feel valued, respected and listened to
  • Develop their social skills
  • Access all areas of learning within the EYFS curriculum (Early Years Foundation Stage)
We provide opportunities within our daily routine for children to learn together as a whole class, in smaller groups and individually or with friends. We encourage the children to develop their independence with systems such as self registration when coming in, our rolling snack time, creating the snack themselves by choosing, spreading, cutting. and pouring drinking water/milk. The children are encouraged and supported throughout the session.

Each day, children are given free choice in the activities they choose and they are consulted and included in decisions about future activities. All resources are accessible and clearly labelled so that the children are able to decide what they would like to play with.

We carry out regular reviews of our environment, to ensure the children are engaged in their learning and that we are offering them enabling, imaginative and varied experiences.

Please have a look at the attached Morning and Afternoon routines, to see how the children’s sessions are organised.

We value parental feedback and would welcome any comments or feedback you may have regarding our daily routine.

See our Daily Morning Routine

See our Daily Afternoon Routine